The Power of Guest Posts for Thought Leadership

Can publishing a guest post on a news or culture website really make a difference in the way your company is perceived? If it couldn’t, would the likes of Brian Krzanich, Bill Gates and Sheryl Sandberg bother wasting their time and energy on it? Probably not.

So, a better question to ask is where, and how, you can get started. At Alight, we consider each individual client’s market and objectives when brainstorming ideas for a timely and attention-grabbing guest post.

Take, for instance, the story of Outlearn, a Boston-based startup that produces a publishing platform for developer learning content. When given the task of handling the PR for their launch in October of 2015, we knew that their story could use amplification beyond the typical briefs related to funding. We opted to breathe life into their story by also placing an opinion piece, Tesla, Apple, and the ‘Secretly Terrible’ Engineer Conundrum in VentureBeat. In just over a week, the piece garnered over 28,000 thousand views prompting a “thank you” note directly from VentureBeat.

There are many different angles that guest posts can take. Below are some examples:

Whichever type of guest post you choose, be mindful of a few best practices when crafting your work:

  •   Don’t be self-serving. Readers are smart, and no one wants to publish ad copy masquerading as a “thought piece.”
  •   Be different. Your perspective is unique—use this to your advantage and say something that hasn’t been said a thousand times already.
  •   Be relevant. Timing is everything—sometimes those hot-button issues and controversial opinions are just what the doctor ordered.

What’s the return on the investment? Our clients routinely tell us that after their piece has been published, their inboxes are flooded with notes from peers and/or potential customers who’ve read it. Such posts engage people, and capture their interest on a level that’s far more personal and authentic than a press release or an advertisement could ever be. When you factor in how social media can amplify the audience for a successful piece, you’ll recognize how vast the potential is for invaluable exposure.

Have you got something to say? Let us know and we’ll be happy to help you each step along the way. We’ll identify your most articulate and insightful voice, and find the most appropriate platform and media outlets for you.

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