CMO Hotseat: Tips for Research-Driven Communications

Veteran tech CMO Arun Krishnan knows a thing or two about running data-driven PR campaigns. He’s led international marketing communications for companies such as IBM and Stein IAS. We worked with Arun at Pontiflex, where we used proprietary  and third-party research to drive strategic, integrated PR efforts, resulting in hundreds of press placements in publications like Forbes, AdAge, and MediaPost.

Below Arun engages in a Q&A with us and discusses his approach for using data for PR.

 Q. How do you determine what data or market research your customers will value?

 A. I value any data that sheds insight on consumer behavior. You can do research that helps your customers understand industry variables like market share, spend by medium, and so forth. This data is useful as it can increase customer importance in your company, but it is best to have the consumer’s behavior in mind before fielding a study. How are they using apps? What are the factors based on how they make IT decisions? What keeps them awake at night? If you understand consumer behavior it will pay off big for you in the short and long term.

Q. How can your PR team support your efforts to communicate the data or survey findings to your customers and your industry?

A.  Your PR team should be able to help in three important ways:

  1. Develop relevant angles that will appeal to journalists
  2. Look for black swans in the data—or points that make for counterintuitive and compelling angles
  3. Help saturate national, regional, and trade media to maximize the visibility of the research findings

Q. What other marketing efforts complement what your PR team can accomplish using data?

A. Your PR agency will help deliver reach, but it is also essential that you maximize the frequency of the message. To this end, you need to line up a variety of marketing activities to hit your target audience at the same time and immediately following the publication of the research:

  • White paper syndication
  • Webinars
  • Sales force presentations
  • Email blasts
  • Trade show collateral
  • Social media posts
  • Executive newsletters/town halls
  • Trade bylines

Still curious how to make the most of your data or market research? Contact us to hear more about examples of successful data-driven PR campaigns, and how this approach can work for you.

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