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CMO Hotseat: Tips for Research-Driven Communications

Veteran tech CMO Arun Krishnan knows a thing or two about running data-driven PR campaigns. He’s led international marketing communications for companies such as IBM and Stein IAS. We worked with Arun at Pontiflex, where we used proprietary  and third-party research to drive strategic, integrated PR efforts, resulting in hundreds of press placements in publications […]

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Advice from a Seasoned CMO on How to Chose a PR Agency

Experienced CMO Arun Krishnan has had almost two decades worth of strategic marketing communications experience. He’s led international efforts for companies such as IBM and Stein IAS. We worked with Arun at Pontiflex and the partnership resulted in hundreds of press placements in publications like The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Entrepreneur, AdAge, and MediaPost. We […]

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Small is the New Big

We wanted to first of all acknowledge that we borrowed this title from Seth Godin because we are huge fans. Now, say you’re ready to take your tech startup to the next level and you need the PR agency that’s up to the task. Naturally you’re thinking of the heavy hitters, the well-known industry names—in […]

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Dreaming Big, Etc.

When we were laying the foundation for our boutique tech PR agency, we thought about what we look for in client partners and how we wanted our clients to feel when working with us. Fortunately for us, someone already did the work. See this post by LinkedIn CEO, Jeff Weiner, “The Three Qualities of People […]

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4 Signs You Need PR Help

Have you been doing PR yourself and it is becoming painful? Here’s how you know it’s time to seek help:  If it’s taking valuable time away from talking to your customers or clients If you are getting inbound media requests that you don’t have time to respond to If you want to expand beyond just […]

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The Importance of Visuals in PR

In today’s world, a combination of information overload and shorter attention spans can make it that much more difficult to really reach – and engage – your target audience. That’s why, now, more than ever, it’s important to take advantage of the many benefits of using visuals in your public relations materials. What are the […]

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Measuring the Value of PR

  Measuring the value of PR can be more challenging than measuring other marketing channels, because PR is all about awareness. While that is tremendously valuable, it doesn’t always translate into an immediate sale; at least not on its own. Measuring the advertising value equivalency (AVE) of media hits is irrelevant to the impact of […]

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10 Tips for Broadcast Interviews

We’ve recently had clients on CNN, CBS, Good Morning America and other top broadcast outlets and it’s important to set the stage for success. Here are ten tips: 1. Look the Part Look your absolute best. Your hair, make-up, and nails must look good. If you can, take advantage of the broadcaster’s make-up and hair […]

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