4 Signs You Need PR Help

shutterstock_169455167Have you been doing PR yourself and it is becoming painful? Here’s how you know it’s time to seek help:

  •  If it’s taking valuable time away from talking to your customers or clients
  • If you are getting inbound media requests that you don’t have time to respond to
  • If you want to expand beyond just getting a couple good press articles
  • If you haven’t broken through as much as you’d like and you’re thinking maybe your story could use refinement.

Don’t worry, you have options. You can hire a full time PR professional in-house, an external agency with relevant market expertise, or a freelancer who can provide you with a high level of expertise. In today’s virtual world, I’d encourage you to try out a virtual PR agency. This way, you can reap the rewards of senior public relations experts, without the high price tag and agency fees you’ll face when working with agencies headquartered in larger cities like San Francisco or New York City.

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